Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kiddo Diddos

Crash programs fail because they are based on the theory that, with nine women pregnant, you can get a baby a month.
--Wernher Von Braun
And golly gee willickers if it doesn't feel like that's been happening lately . . . and yes, I did just sound like Opie Taylor.

People continue to ask me when Chris and I will be expecting. I'm hoping it's not because of my weight . . . *glare* I think part of it is because so many young married couples have been popping up fertile recently. Looking at all those magazine covers in the library and grocery store, I felt like an old-fashioned silly getting married at 22, without a real career. Women, statistics said, were happier marrying in their 30s with a well-established career, and even happier having babies years afterward by natural or scientific methods or wonderful adoption. So here I am, 23, ring on my finger, contemplating creating little mini clones of my husband (if you've seen his family photos, you know his genes are so dominant it's ridiculous ;) ), and wondering if I seem like a relic from Little House on the Prairie. Well, goooolly I was fooled. Maybe it's because I run in church circles, but we're pretty much your average couple . . . give or take the baby thing.

It helps me feel a tiny bit better about having kids working in class. Gosh, these kids are the cutest. Hysterical and chatty but cute. I had a little boy tell me flat-out that school was too long, that I should shorten it. I told him I couldn't but he was free to ask our principal about it. He hasn't really said anything about it since. I hope the kids are learning. They seem to be having fun, and they're all brilliant. Class days seem both not long enough and too long. I try to keep it interesting. Today, one of my boys decided to constantly remind me that I can't say the word "poem" correctly. We were talking poetry, and I confessed I say "poim" or "po-um," which drives Chris insane. Do you think my class let me forget that?? Nope. Not one bit. The parents are awesome. No mutant mother nightmares, though I do continue to dream about passing out papers. It's all a learning experiences . . . pun intended, I guess.

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