Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life Stops For No Man . . .

Currently Reading: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Age Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going.
--Professor Irwin Corey

First off, I have slept, finally, so I should be able to do this with complete and total coherence (after finding my potato chips in the fridge . . . oi vey . . . ). Still, the last few weeks have been a total blur.
Secondly, I highly recommend anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald (most famous for The Great Gatsby, one of my favorites). I'm not really that found of American authors, but Fitzgerald is delightful.

Thirdly, here's the update:
  • My brother, Matt, left the country to spend a month in Okinawa, Japan recruiting students for a Christian Home-stay program in Florida. We're all so excited for him. Japan is one of my favorite places--the country, people, culture, and food are all so amazing and endearing. I'm so happy that God has allowed my brother a chance to experience such a magical place and to be used to further the kingdom.

  • Celebrating two mothers in a day is both lovely and exhausting. I helped Dad prepare lunch for my wonderful mother, then headed to the in-laws to help my sister-in-law create dinner for Chris's mother. It was a long, tiring, but very rewarding and precious day. Chris and I have really been so blessed when it comes to the in-law department. We love being with our families. Plus, we were able to watch four-year-old Ellie perform the new musical classic, "I love my Mommy/ I don't know why but I do/ Pretty woman! Yeah!" Oh my goodness. Dad got it all on film :)

  • The reason I had been missing sleep is because I was substituting/volunteering at a private school. It's weird . . . because my siblings used to attend the elementary and middle school there, and I graduated from its high school. Now, I'm returning in a completely different role. It's strange, but very fun.
  • Chris completed two more online college courses with good grades. I'm so proud of him! Only seven more classes until he has that four-year degree for good. :)

  • Back to the ICS thing . . . I subbed a second grade all by myself. Wow. The little bit of subbing I had performed before had been office or assistant roles, not actually teaching. At the last minute, the second grade teacher had to go out of town, and the school had to find a substitute for twelve children in less than 24 hours. Dun-dun-da-DUN! I was so nervous I had nightmares about mobs of angry parents chasing me, but the whole day seemed to actually be a success. I realyl enjoyed myself, the kids, and I actually seemed to have control in the classroom. It was really affirming to realize, hey, I can do this!
  • Navi is still an insane ninja. We gave her a second flea treatment, and we're hoping that the flea problem vanishes completely. Chris and I still don't see them, and still aren't finding bites on ourselves, but as the month-long treatment wears off, she starts itching again, poor thing :(.

    And now, on to the bigger news . . .
  • About a month ago, Chris's boss came to him and offered him a raise. Chris's pay will increase by a certain amount each quarter for the rest of the year. We were not at all expecting a raise this soon, even though we were hoping for it. It's such a huge blessing because it allows us not only to start bulking our savings account but it gave me the opportunity to look for another job, one that maybe didn't pay as well, but was in a better location, with better hours, and would be great for a resume and life experiences. So . . .
  • . . . I got a new job! Haha. I will actually be teaching one of the first grade classes at ICS. I was so surprised and excited. The annual salary is really not that much less than my library salary, and Chris's first raise makes up more than the difference. We feel so very blessed and excited. The school is only fifteen minutes away from the apartment, and the faculty there is so sweet and encouraging. I know it will be a wonderful place for me to grow. I will be leaving the library in late July to begin my teacher orientations. WOW.
So that's life with the Bocchinos.
Wish I had some funny stories to tell. Eventually I will compose a list of my funniest library stories. There are some doosies. Wow.

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