Saturday, December 7, 2013

All about those lovely ladies on my sidebar . . .

Peeps, it has been too long. 
Too long. 
Okay, you mommy bloggers, HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?! I mean, seriously, let's be real. I'd come back from a day of nannying, make dinner, and just collapse. I mean, my brain is gone. I finally understandd, to some small degree, what my mom meant when, at the end of the day, she'd hold up her hands and say, "Sorry, but the brain shelf is full."
And I was only chasing that child around for eight hours a day.
Seriously, moms, you're awesome. 

But, this post isn't about me.
It's about my sponsors! They're all wonderful, talented, fun ladies that you totally need to check out! I asked them to send me links to their three favorite posts and answers to these three questions: 

  1. Can you describe yourself and your blog in one sentence?
  2. If your blog's personality were a color, what would it be and why?
  3. If you're not blogging, what else do you do for fun?
 And they answered!  So without further ado . . .  

1.  I'm scattered, but fun and artsy.

2.  My blog is my space and I feel lavender. I guess my blog is too. It's just the color I'm most drawn to. It invigorates me and calms me all at the same time.

3.  When I'm not blogging, I like to take pictures, try new recipes, read.... I'm a homebody. I love to be home with my guy and our critters. It's the best!

 Read Kate's favorite posts: Mirror to Chalkboard Makeover, Spice Rack Makeover, and Vintage Cookies.
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Drewe Llyn from Palms of His Hands

1.  Some people stop to smell the roses; some people don't even realize there are roses; but I stop, smell, sit, and watch the butterflies flitter all over the garden.
2.  If my blog were a color it would be pink.  Why?  I don't know. I just like pink.  :-)

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Samantha from Everyday with S&J 

 1. My blog is a reflection of my life, an online journal if you will, about the ins and outs of what makes me, me (including but not limited to: crafting, recipes, book reviews, random thoughts, and life happenings). 

2. If my blog's personality were a color it would be sparkly gray. Does that sound boring? I say gray because really my life isn't THAT exciting, it's mostly normal, but then every now and then there is something fun and pizzazzy (is that a word?) thrown in there that makes my blog great, and that's where the sparkle comes in. 

3. When I am not blogging I am watching a lot of television, reading books, playing with makeup, or cuddling with the hubs and pup. 

Read Samantha's favorite posts: The Story of Our Proposal, Honeymooners, and A Little Rant

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Anda Alexandra from Home of the Twisted Red Ladybug

1. LadyBug who is an Expat, Travel Lover, Photo Maniac - Living in Magical Krakow - Born and Raised in The Vampire Land but not afraid of Garlic ;) and with a blog to match her liveliness :)

2. Green and Red for sure :) Green as it is my fav color ever since I was a wee lass and red from the awesome ladybugs who inhabit the page ;)

3. Take thousand and thousands of pictures of people and places around me :) reading and watching period movies in my spare time and roaming around cities in search of new streetart and delicate places one of a kind :) 

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Now go check them out! I know they'll brighten your day!
Have a lovely weekend, guys!

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