Monday, August 26, 2013


I should be cleaning.
I should be rushing around with a vacuum and a swiffer and pretty scentsy things to reconstruct my little house into some remnant of a put together home. Because, you see, my mom is coming to visit Wednesday (YAY!!!!).  I'm suddenly sixteen and scrambling to get my room cleaned up before mom comes home from errands. That panic. I have it.
And that panic tends to make me shut down and avoid the important things.
However, I did build a bookshelf today. Ghetto bedroom entertainment center made of boxes we have no more! My bedroom is legit. FINALLY.

I should be cleaning.
But instead I'm here . . . because I can be.
Because I want to be.
Because I like it here.

Sometimes, days are not at all what you expect.
This weekend was supposed to be filled with adventure and decorating and goings on. Instead, we ran errands, which I love doing with Chris for some odd reason. I love holding his hand in the parking lot and laughing at ridiculous items for sale. I love the looks he gives me when he knows I'm giving him my penny-pincher face. I love that I can tell, just by watching him, when he's found what he wants and there's no changing his mind. But, really, I LOVE GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE.

 I understand, now, why some women do nothing but shop. You just have to get out.
Typically, shopping is one of my least favorite things. That might change because, you, see, when you're alone, indoors, maybe even outdoors, walking through your neighborhood (or, in my case, the entire town . . . because it's just that tiny), but it's the same space. 
To go out, into town, is a whole new thing. To see new faces, look at new things. You CRAVE newness, even if it's just a tee shirt. 
Plus it's new colors. I adore colors. I drink them in. Colors. Beautiful bright little things that they are.

Found these delights on the side of the road, growing proud and bright and solitary, while I was walking the dog.
I adore the flowers out here. They're everywhere. Old blooms, new blooms, all the time.

So, this weekend, we shopped for things we needed (like hiking shoes! yay!) and Chris laughed at my I-don't-want-to-spend-the-monies agony (I'd like to say I'm a bargain hunter, but the truth is that I'm just miserably cheap when it comes to buying for myself . . . I'm a flippin charity buying for others).  We drove up a mountain on the tiniest, windiest, one-inch-out-line-and-you-tumble-to-your-death mountain roads to scout out a new hike (score! Fremont Peak, here we come!).  

We didn't get things done.

But we went out. We held hands. We laughed. We reflected on how perfect the "Tron: Legacy" soundtrack is for driving through mountains (Don't believe me? You should try it). We scrounged for food because we definitely need more groceries and kept forgetting to drop by the grocery store because mountain drives are more important. We played video games and talked expansions. We were nerds. We were adventurers.

Now, we're back at real life and I do NOT want to vacuum.
But I'll do it anyways. ;]


  1. Stop procrastinating and go and clean something! Oh heck Im with you Id be on the couch watching daytime TV feeling guiltier each minute that goes by lol. Hope you enjoy your time with your Mum Im sure she'll love the house just as it is :)

  2. Ahhh procrastination, I know it all too well :) Enjoy your visit with your mom!

  3. I LOVE going on errands with Angel. It's always just a lot of fun. And I don't tend to like to spend money, but I've always liked shopping. Just seeing everything new, seeing what inventions people are selling these days, seeing all the interesting people out and about....I've always thought that's so fun.

    And when our parents used to go out and leave us kids at home, Mom would call us when they were on the way back to give us a 5 minute warning to clean like madmen and accomplish everything we were supposed to have done in their absence. That's what your cleaning before your Mom gets there story reminds me of!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend - and you were productive!! My mom visited earlier this week and we also cleaned the apartment from top tobottom for her arrival haha. I wonder if they clean the house for us when we come home?

  5. Glad you were able to get out of the house a bit--it's always a nice, satisfying relief! Hope the cleaning goes well :)

  6. It's SO important to get out of the house - it's amazing what a breath of fresh air can do for us :) Now go clean, missy! ;)

  7. Sometimes you need to give the finger to the "to do" list and just do things that make your heart sing. I'm going to tattoo that across my forehead.


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