Friday, January 11, 2013

"In my own Little corner . . . "

I've had two weeks now . . . or is it three? I can't keep track. Days sort of melt into each other like flavored syrups into milk. They become something all together new and exactly the same.

New Years week, I kept my sisters--sixteen-year-old Catherine for three nights, and, after that, the two littles from Thursday to Saturday.  That gave me purpose. I had people to feed, dishes to keep clean. Now, it's me, three furballs, and Netflix.

Every time the littles come over, we make homemade pizza. It's kind of a must . . . Plus we do things like play with sculpty, decorate cupcakes, paint, and then, if we're making more than pizza, they love helping me cook.
Oh, and, of course, this time, we had an Avatar: the Last Airbender marathon because it's just plain awesome.  We talked about what makes a good story and laughed every time Sokka spoke. It's fun being a big sister :]
So, in my time in isolation, I've compiled a list of pros and cons to being solitary and unemployed a freelance writer  . . . sounds legit, right?

1. I make my own schedule
  • This is AWESOME. No one tells me when and where or why or how. If I'm sleepy, I sleep. If I'm hungry, I eat. If I want to exercise at 2 AM, then, doggone it, I WILL.
  • The down side is that I do stupid things like exercise at 2 AM and then I can't fall asleep until 5 AM . . . My poor body is going to need a major schedule rewrite once Chris is home. Let's just say I'm adjusting REALLY early to West Coast time, k? 

2. I get to eat whatever I want.
  • If I want to eat all vegetarian and make vegetarian meals, I totally can.  If I want to use salt in my cooking, I can (Chris is sensitive to high levels of sodium, so most of our cooking is with very little to no salt at all).  If I don't want to eat something, I don't have to. I am both my own chef and my own customer.  Please me? I think I'm up to the challenge. 
  • I like cooking for other people . . . cooking for myself is simply a matter of survival . . . so basically I nibble on salads or chips and salsa with fruit smoothies.  There is little to no motivation . . . and laziness, maybe . . . I kind of hate that . . .
3. There's less mess
  • It's just me and my mess, which is pretty easy to pick up. 
  • I'm the only person around to take out the trash and empty the litter box  . . . and carry heavy things . . . Oh well . . . 
4. I have the bed all to myself
  • The puppy can snuggle with me, I can sleep in any position I like, even diagonally, which seems to be my favorite.  
  • I have the bed all to myself :[ 
5. It's CHEAP
  • The toilet paper lasts longer, there's less demand for food, and I don't run the air conditioner as passionately as the hubs.  The TV stays on, but, for the most part, computers stay off. I don't need much to live on.  
  • Can you really put a price on companionship? Even if he does prefer the house an igloo and kills a rainforest in a week?

6.  I have the house all to myself
  • There's no positive about this. There's just not.  
  • Do you know how scary it is living in a house in the middle of the swamp filled with mutant bugs that like to crash all kamikaze-like into the window? Big bangs and taps that sound like a serial killer's erratic Morse code? "I'm coming for you. Just as soon as you turn out the light." TaptaptaptapBANG.
    Once I realize it's very likely NOT a psychopath in a clown suit with knives (pleasepleasepleaseplease), I wonder how MASSIVE the roaches and moths must be to make that sort of crash.  Oh gosh, I don't know which is worse . . .
    Thank goodness the dog barks when there's something really there and sounds bigger than her meager 30 pounds . . . well, at real sounds outside and imaginary sounds like babies and dogs on the telly . . .

Basically, I can't wait to have Chris home and a reason to be on a schedule, a reason to have food in the fridge, and someone to snuggle with and talk to who can actually respond with words and doesn't pee in the yard.

Have you ever lived alone? Loved it or hated it?


  1. I don't think I could ever live alone. Angel worked night shift for a year and a half when we were first married, so I was home alone at night all the time, and even that wasn't fun at all. I definitely heard all those crazy noises. My personal policy was once I got in bed, I wasn't getting out, no matter what, until morning. So no matter what I heard, even if it sounded like burglars, I wasn't going to go searching for them. Because I would have gone crazy if I'd decided to investigate the sounds!
    I bet you are really counting down to when you are together again!

  2. I lived on my own for about 6 years and absolutely loved it. The best bit was toasted sandwiches or salads for dinner and not having to make a proper meal every night! I use to write a lot of poems wishlists and dreams as I find it hard to just sit and watch tv without doing something as well. Those lists were great, it was a really good thinking time for me figuring out who I was and what I wanted from life x


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