Saturday, May 26, 2012

Down on the street where you live . . .

You know, once school's out, I can start blogging again on a more regular basis . . . summer job doesn't really require taking work home after clocking out, so I can actually come home and BE AT HOME. Not be at home working on papers, lesson plans, websites, and emails . . . You mean I can actually watch TV or workout without worrying if I've missed a parent email or written all the quizzes for this week? REALLY?! HOT DIGGITY DOG!!!
I love teaching, I really do . . . but I'm ready for a break :]

Ok, in answer to the last post, we are moving to Monterey, California!

So basically, our move will look something like this:

It's a bloody HUGE leap, but we're ready . . . Well, we're starting to panic, actually.
Scratch that.
I'M starting to panic. I don't think Chris is capable of panic. It's just starting to seem very real, and the thought of leaving our family and friends is becoming a reality, and that's no fun at all. It isn't safe, packing up and moving across the country. We'll be in a new place, with new people, and have to set down new roots and adjust all over again. But it's an adventure.

We LOVE adventures.
And the fact that it will be around 70 degrees all year round . . . with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. I think we can deal ;]
Now if we could just find a house . . . Luckily, we have time . . . We don't officially head out until January.

So, now, after getting all moved in and settled in the cottage, we get to clean her up, throw stuff out, pack it up, and move out . . .
So, before all that happens, here are pics of the finished product . . . 

The Great Room

 And this what you see when you first walk into my house. Fireplace is over to the left by the plant in the bottom pic . . . We love the little space . . . The pics above the entertainment center are by Chris's best friend's sister of the two fellows having a jam session. The painting is one of mine . . . Just having fun playing with colors :]

The Fireplace
Fireplace! As you can see, I eventually won out the to-hang-or-not-to-hang-the-deer-head battle. Instead, he hung a painting Chris's great-grandmother gave him that MIGHT be one of the Florida Highwaymen paintings . . . and some of our favorite books :]
 And, yes, we do have a fedora and a whip hanging from our coat rack as a tribute to Dr. Indiana Jones.
No, we're totally not nerds.

 Dining Space

The painting is a batik Chris picked up in South Africa, and the little birds in the bottom pic are my favorite in the cubby shelf (TJ Maxx steals!).

The Kitchen

I can't decide if my favorite  is the coffee platter or the "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign . . . They bring perk to my tiny kitchen 

The Study (aka The Owl Room)
This is my space. I pretty much adore it . . . especially the owls and the book-lined wall :]

The Man Cave
This is Chris's space.  It's the one room I haven't really touched . . . but I did pick the paint color. Yes, I'm pretty darn proud of that ;] The sun/guitar sculpture in the top pic is one of Chris's original creations--he can't stand it because he's a perfectionist, but I think it's pretty darn cool!

Master Bedroom
I've always wanted an accent wall . . . now I have one :] 

The Guest Bathroom
Just because I'm so darn proud of that paint color . . . and the curtain's pretty cool, too :]

So that's the tour of my little house . . . it's not much, but it's ours :]


  1. I have a tj maxx bird steal, too! Love that store. It's dangerous but I love it. ;]

    Also, your move actually is wrong because you're pit stopping in Montana which is not out of the way in the least. So....thanks.


    Um. Btw. Your paint choices are amazing! I love the bathroom and Chris's room the most. Good job!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! One of the ads goes to you! Please send me a button size 200x50

    Chrissy from Whimsical Poppysmic

  3. Larissa -- TJ Maxx is fabulous! You're right--it's dangerous ;]
    And I TOTALLY want to go to Montana! Seriously! I'd love to be able to swing by . . . but I don't know if Chris's new company can fit that on the travel agenda . . . poo.

    Chrissy -- Awesome! Thanks again!


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