Saturday, December 17, 2011


  • The other night, this text message convo totally went down:
    Me: I'm sneaking cheesecake into a movie theater. I'm so bad-a.
    The Hubs: I knew I married good.
    Except I realized I had forgotten a fork. Shoot.
    When I asked the hubs about his poor grammar, he replied, "Oh yeah, I totally typed 'I married well' and then erased it and put 'good' because I knew it would drive you crazy."
    Touche, sir.
  • A week ago, I lectured on Robert Frost with my 7th graders. One student pops up and asks, "Wait, wait! Sorry, but Robert Frost: was he a poet or a booker?"
    And he totally wasn't kidding.  A booker. Good grief. 

  • I was horribly depressed today after a little lizard appeared on my windshield, clung to my wipers, and then leaped off my car AS I'M DRIVING IT in an attempt to escape.  I kept screaming for him to stop, to hold on for dear life, but he didn't listen.  Poor little guy.

  • As I'm doing my Wii Fit, the hubs strolls by, pauses, then says, "You know, all that 'inhale, exhale' is what you'll be hearing when you're eventually pregnant, and, you know, giving birth."
    .... thirty seconds later ....
    No, we're not preggers.

  • I think our dog believes she's a person . . . but everyone else says that about their own pups so it must be a common dog-owner delusion.

  • It amazes me that, no matter how many times I say THE SAME THING over and OVER again, literally for weeks, every class period, the day before a paper is due and even, believe or not, the day it is to be turned in, I receive emails from students ASKING QUESTIONS about that same topic.  I realize that you're young, a mind filled with important things like the latest Bieber tune and other class projects, but . . . really?
    Then again, I do give them permission to email and ask.  I might just reconsider that and make them take notes instead . . . oh, but wait, all the notes and instructions are online on the school webpage.

  • Despite my previous post, I really do sincerely love my job and the kids there. Seriously, I couldn't be happier. It has its stresses, but I have superb students and wonderful classroom families who are so supportive and encouraging. 

  • Little things matter and can make someone's day.  For instance, I shared some of my hand lotion with a couple of girls who were early to class. Oh the giggles we shared :]

  • We are just NOW (like literally as I type this Chris is testing the lights) decorating our home and tree.  WOW.  The exterior, sadly will remain bland.

  • During a midnight showing of "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" (FYI: GO SEE IT!!!), I was suddenly made very aware of my own age.
    I was attending with two fellow English teachers (I LOVE being part of a "department"--oh the comradery!), and over a dozen of our high school students decided to "join" us . . . meaning they stalked us into Cheesecake Factory next to the theater and then proceeded to bounce around in the seats right next to or in front of us JUST to bug us (I am not being paranoid here--if I am, it was group paranoia and I merely caught the bug). 
    Anyways, Regal Theaters has that roller coaster intro, you know? And I didn't have even the inkling to raise my arms and scream. Nope.  I watched that group of teens wave their arms about and all I felt was embarrassment (good grief . . . am I really turning into my mother?)
    I also felt sick due to four hours of sleep and four cokes over the course of the day, more soda than I've had since college.
    I also decided that midnight premiers and a 3:30 AM homecoming may be too late for these old bones. 


  1. I MISS YOU!!! so excited to see this in my feed <3 <3 hahaha

    um. we just set up our tree, too. but apparently florida is still really hot? so how are you supposed to get into the christmas spirit when you are still in shorts and a tank? i don't know if that's true where you are...but my other friend in florida is complaining of the 80 degree heat. I WANT THAT. there is no snow in MT though, so i'm pretty much okay with it right now.

    also, your job sounds amazing. i'm going back and forth on going back to school to get my certification to be a teacher. one day i'm halfway filling out the app and the next i'm shredding it. bi.polar.

    and both our dogs think they're people. also? our big dog thinks she's a lap dog.

    and cheesecake into the theater?! impressive! i've snuck cheesecake frozen yogurt, if that counts?

  2. "Wii Fit Labor Coach"... I'll never see Wii Fit the same way again haha xD

    But "booker"? Really!? That's just sad...

  3. A booker?!? what is...that? Did he O.o *I majored in English in college too but I would never teach* Just not my thing. But wow. booker. thats a new one. poor kid.

    I've been reading lots of your posts (they are great) and I really like the way you use words and your prose style. Its very unique and so different then mine its very refreshing. I know it might be weird to say "different then mine" but yeah. Also, I can't spell or understand grammar (I'm dislexic) but my husband is a stickler for it and he is consistently telling me my wrong spelling on my blog. Lol. :P I'll never see it, sadly.


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