Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Text Message Mix-Ups

Yesterday, a student came up to me and said, "Mrs. Bocchino, my mom got your text about you and your husband . . . you know . . . " And she gave me that shy smirk we all wear when we've found something naughty.

Now, I don't send those text messages, but, every once in a while, something comes up that's for Chris's eyes only. My phone is a touch screen, and, sometimes scrolling through contacts will accidentally select more than one name so . . . Panic much?

"Honey, what text message?"

"Oh . . . you know . . . "

I'm checking my Sent Text. "No, hon, I never texted your mom." And then a lightbulb. "'Leyna, was it my blog? You know, an online journal with stories about Mr. Bocchino and me?"

She was talking about the banner on here. You know, because there's PDA. And, when your seven, PDA is so scandalous.

May I just say that my relief made the day so much better?

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