Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer time, summer time

Currently Reading: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

The summer night is like a perfection of thought.
--Wallace Stevens

Ways Chris and I can tell it's summertime:
  • The air conditioner is always on. ALWAYS, And is either too hot or too cold--our AC doesn't believe in moderation
  • Breaking into a sweat walking to our cars.
  • We drive with the AC at full blast . . . neither of us do that any other time of the year. I usually drive with windows and sunroof down, and Chris will just barely have the AC on when the weather's pretty, but not any more.
  • The pool is warm enough that I'll actually jump in. I swam laps the other day . . . in the rain . . . I should do that again . . . but maybe without the rain (I confess, I love the pitter-pat song rain sings on the water's surface).
  • Afternoon thunderstorms
  • I'm begging for a beach trip . . . oh, ocean . . . *sigh*
  • Next week, I start prepping for my first year as a teacher. YIKES!
  • I've found bug bites on my ankles again.
  • Summer sleepovers! My little sisters are coming over for a weekend sleepover while my mom is out of town for her missions trip to India. :)
  • There are more kids visiting us in the library, and lots of parents asking about summer programs and "Sunshine State" books -- books chosen by the state for each grade level to read.
  • I'm itching for a new haircut again. And a "back-to-school/work" shopping trip. I hate shopping . . . but there are some times out of the year that it feels almost necessary.
  • Chris wants to go shopping, too. He hates shopping more than I do, but he sweetly offered to take me . . . see previous post. :)
  • My wardrobe has begun to include flip-flops again . . . Chris's does not change. Ever. :)
  • And most importantly . . . Last month there was a monstrous cockroach in the bathroom. Just like a roach to catch you with the trousers down . . . or almost down . . . GAH. I bellowed (I don't scream . . . I yelp and I bellow . . . I don't know why), and Chris insisted on squishing it instead of using RAID. WHY?!?!? Luckily, we haven't seen any other pests since. Not once. Fear of a brutal death must be keeping them away.

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