Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thing of Beauty

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.
--Sir Francis Bacon

Getting ready this morning, I wsa struck with the sudden realization that my physique has come to resemble those of the Renaissance goddesses, you know, the ones with pronounced rolls at every angle. Once upon a time, a great artist may have glanced and gone, "Ah-ha!" but now people take a glance and think that maybe someone should cut back on the Reese Pieces. When did this transition of thought happen?

I remember in middle school when my derrier suddenly became the most prominent part of my physique. I didn't notice until I could never find pants that fit right--everything was either too tight on my bum or was too large at the waist. "Bubble butt" I was called, and for the next eight years I hated it. Hated that I had curves where other girls were twigs. Hated that I couldn't wear shorts without my legs looking like Miss Piggy's. Hate that I couldn't wear those tiny string bikinis because half my rear would hang out. I wore boy board shorts instead, covering every inch of flesh that I could. I stopped wearing shorts all together, eventually, nothing that fell above the knee. I tried running (hated it . . . that didn't last very long) and all sorts of work out routines to try to shrink it. My waist line would diminish and my arms would earn a little more tone, but my butt never faded.
In college, things took a slight turn. People started noticing my figure--as if the giant ghetto white booty could be missed . . . and they complimented me. Girls said they were jealous; boys actually looked at me for the first time. My husband--then boyfriend--told me I was the most stunning girl he'd ever seen, that he wouldn't change my figure for the world (granted he was supposed to say that . . . but he meant it--he still says it multiple times a day).
Still, some people would say I was heavier than I should have been. They would say it even more, now. I'm somewhere in-between. If my pants fit, I'm good to go (I hate shopping for pants . . . still the same issue of too little butt room and too much waist room). Now, I just want to have a healthy life style, as best I can. Losing weight, eh take it or leave it. Keeping my body fit so I have a long life and bounce back after having kids? Definitely. Chris encourages this . . . then offers me a heaping dessert. Thanks, honey. ;)
What about you? What do you define as beautiful? What would you change about yourself, if anything?


  1. I have always thought it would be soooo nice to live in the Renaissance era. I would be such a hottie!!

    But, define beautiful... I think as cliche as it is, it really is in the eye of the beholder. My hubby actually thinks those skinny models look disgusting and sickly. Whew... dodged a bullet there :)

    And, again I think some of the most beautiful women I know are that way from the inside out. How many women would you say are beautiful that are mean-spirited and horrible? Not many. It's amazing how truly a personality and spirit exude beauty in a woman.

    It's an ongoing struggle for most women, but I am so thankful that when the Lord looks my way, He thinks I am a beautiful creation that He designed.

  2. Cassie--
    Totally agree. It's such an encouragement to know that God finds us beautiful no matter what, and that outward beauty fades, but it's the inside that makes us truly lovely.

    And I think Chris and Cory are very much on the same boat, haha.


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